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Prepare to Visit a Cosmetic Dentist

Are you unhappy with the way that your smile appears? You might suffer a blow to your confidence if you feel unsatisfied with the look of your teeth. Fortunately, you can talk to your dentist to find an individualized treatment plan that will enhance your smile according to your unique goals.

You can experience a more streamlined and efficient appointment when you know what to expect before you arrive at your dentist’s office. Read on to learn what will happen when you attend an initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Suffolk, VA.

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What Occurs During a Cosmetic Dental Consultation?

Evaluate Dental Health

Though you schedule this dental appointment to discuss potential cosmetic treatment with your dentist, they will first want to evaluate your oral health. They will examine your teeth and gums and look for signs of issues. Then they will recommend treatment before pursuing cosmetic dentistry solutions.

You can see better results from cosmetic dental work if you have a healthy and clean foundation from your natural teeth. Your dentist will likely also perform a teeth cleaning for this reason. Proper at-home oral health care like good oral hygiene can reduce your risk of forming dental problems that may delay your cosmetic treatment.

Design the Smile of Your Dreams

With a healthy smile in place, you can talk to your dentist about your smile aesthetic goals. You can point out problem areas in your teeth as well as discuss your desired results from your treatment.

The dentist will consider your goals, your medical history, and your existing dental structure to develop a treatment plan customized to your needs. They can help you achieve the smile of your dreams without compromising your oral health.

The dentist can illustrate what your smile will look like at the conclusion of your treatment. And they can let you know what to expect during each step of the process. They will maintain open communication with you throughout your treatment as well.

Schedule Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Once you and your dentist agree to a treatment plan, you will work with the front office staff to schedule any necessary dental work. The dentist will give you a good idea of how many appointments you need and how long each will take.

Some procedures, like teeth bonding, can be done in one session. Others, like porcelain veneers, will need three or more visits to complete the treatment. This includes the initial consult, preparing the teeth, and attaching the custom veneers to the smile.

Patients can see a brighter smile after one session of in-office teeth whitening treatment. But some people may need more than one appointment or a touch-up to fully accomplish their smile goals.

Learn which treatments will enhance your unique smile by scheduling your own consultation today. Reach your Suffolk, VA dentist for questions, comments, or concerns online or by phone at 757.982.8467.