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Custom Mouthguard Suffolk, VA

If you or your child play contact sports, you want the best mouthguard to protect the teeth and gums. Contact sports such as football, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse require sports mouthguards. Our professional sports mouthguards in our Suffolk, VA office conform to the teeth, unlike over-the-counter mouthguards.

Dr. Steve Gwaltney, Dr. J. Ryland Gwaltney, and Dr. Whitney Gwaltney offer general dentistry services and are passionate about helping patients regardless of age.

Custom sports mouthguards are constructed with the most durable material and provide the ultimate protection when playing sports. Store-bought mouthpieces are not as thick, and the materials used to make them are not as strong. They are also one size fits most. As you know, people’s mouths come in various shapes and sizes. When they are made to conform to the patient’s mouth, they will work and fit better.

Mouthguards in Suffolk, Virginia

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouthguards

Our custom sports mouthguards come with many benefits. Mouthguards:

  • Protect the jaw from trauma
  • Minimize the risk of damaged teeth
  • Reduce the risk of knocked-out teeth
  • Allow sports players to speak clearly
  • Reduce stress on the neck
  • Minimize the risk of bruising to the soft tissues
  • Allows the athlete to breather easier

Call our office for treatment today if you or your child need a sports mouthguard. We will create a comfortable sports mouthguard so you or your child can play sports without worrying about losing a mouthguard. Patients using non-professional mouthguards often need to clench their teeth to prevent them from falling out.

Treatment with Sports Mouthguards

To create custom mouthguards, we take digital impressions of the teeth. We use these impressions to fabricate the mouthguard with a local dental lab. Then we will check the size and fit of the mouthguard when it is complete. Properly fitting mouthguards help reduce patients’ risk of injury to teeth and jaw. Mouthguards act as a preventative measure that saves money and can even reduce the chance of tooth loss.

Over-the-counter mouthguards do not offer a custom fit. Because of this, they can interfere with breathing and speaking. They also may not be as comfortable as professional mouthguards.

Even though sports mouthguards are necessary and sometimes required for sports, they should not be used for other purposes. They are specifically designed to protect teeth and gums when there is trauma to the face and mouth area. They are not designed for people who need to protect their teeth from bruxism or as a sleep apnea treatment. Patients who suffer from teeth grinding or sleep apnea will require a different type of mouthpiece.

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

Custom mouthguards are an important part of preventative care. Learn more by reading the answers to these frequently asked questions.

How long does a custom-made mouthguard last?

A night guard has a lifespan of five years on average. However, depending on your oral care and wear, it may need to be a replacement after just one year.

Is a custom-made mouthguard better than a generic brand?

Thermoplastic is much more durable than plastic in stores. Dental labs make custom-fitted mouthguards with this material. They are also made by a dental professional, increasing the likelihood that they will perfectly fit your teeth.

What materials make custom mouthguards?

A model of the athlete’s dental structure helps to construct the thermoplastic polymer mouthguard. This material is much more durable and is customizable.  Our office takes a mold, creating the mouthguard, which precisely conforms to the athlete’s mouth. The benefits include comfort, fit, and ease of speaking.

How should a custom mouthguard fit?

Your mouthguard may feel snug when you initially put it on, but it must fit snugly to stay on your teeth without relying on your jaw for support. The customized mouthguard should not fall out during play thanks to its secure fit.

Why do my teeth hurt after wearing a mouthguard?

It is a sign that your mouth guard does not fit properly if you experience pain or your mouth hurts after wearing it. It’s possible that the device is too big or too little, not giving you the proper protection you want and need. If this is the case, we will take a new mold of your mouth and create a new mouthguard that fits better.

How long do custom mouthguards take to make?

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to fit, take a mold, and make a mouthguard. We take an impression of your teeth and send it to a dental lab, where they create a mouthguard that fits the exact mold of your teeth.

Can a custom mouthguard shift your teeth?

Patients must have a mouthguard that fits snugly and be sure to maintain it for the mouthguard to provide the greatest care. Your teeth may shift if a mouth guard does not fit properly. However, in our office, we take an impression of your teeth to ensure that they will fit exactly to your teeth to ensure that it does not shift your teeth.

How often should you replace a custom-made mouthguard?

The teeth and the jaw’s shape naturally change as development continues. A mouth guard should be checked and updated every six months to ensure that it fits properly and that the patient’s teeth are appropriately protected.

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If you are in the Suffolk or Carrollton, VA area, you can receive a custom, comfortable sports mouthguard today. Call Gwaltney Dental for treatment at 757.982.8467 or schedule an appointment with our dental team on our website.

Please let us know if you have any remaining questions about sports mouthguards or the other dental mouthguards we provide. We are always happy to assist and educate our patients on our different treatment methods.