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Dental Implants Suffolk, VA

If you are missing a tooth, Gwaltney Dental has the tooth replacement options you need to restore your smile following tooth loss. Missing teeth create a variety of concerns for patients including altering the cosmetic appearance of their smiles, putting them at risk for dental shifting, and creating hard-to-reach areas that challenge their oral hygiene routines.

When you are missing a tooth, we recommend visiting our Suffolk, VA dentist office right away to learn more about your tooth replacement options to avoid further damages or discomfort. Our office is proud to provide dental implants as the premier option for tooth replacement.

An alternative to dental bridges, dental implants offer patients long-term benefits that they will not find in other restorative dentistry solutions. Learn more about dental implants below.

Implant Dentistry in Suffolk, VA

Dental Implants in Suffolk, VA

Dr. Steve Gwaltney, Dr. J.Ryland Gwaltney, and Dr. Whitney Gwaltney are highly trained in restorative dentistry in Suffolk, VA. They have helped many patients replace single missing teeth using dental implants, the premier tooth replacement option. Dental implants go above and beyond cosmetically restoring a missing tooth. In addition, they also replace the tooth-root functionality of the missing tooth to restore the look, feel, and function of your missing tooth.

Dental implants involve a surgical procedure in which a small incision is made into your soft tissues. A titanium post is inserted into your soft tissues via this incision. As the post and the incision heals, the post will begin to fuse together with your jawbone, replacing your missing tooth’s tooth roots.

After the post is completely healed, an abutment is attached to the post, connecting it with the dental crown that will be attached to it, replacing the exterior of your missing tooth.

While the dental implant process takes around 6 months to complete, patients love the end results of their final restoration. The dental crown is designed specifically for you, blending in with your smile to create a fully restored look.

Because of the extra support from the titanium post, you will be able to utilize your restored tooth just as you would a natural tooth. This means no dietary restrictions, external hardware, or oral hygiene hazards that you would get from other restorative options like dental bridges.

Easy Option for Tooth Replacement

While some patients may be intimidated by the dental implant process because it involves a surgical procedure and an extended healing time compared to other restorative solutions, we want our patients to know that we are here to coordinate your treatment and ensure that you are informed and taken care of every step of the way.

Our goal is to simplify the dental implant process for you to create a positive patient experience.

We place some dental implants in-house and will work with a surgeon as needed for more complex needs and other treatments necessary such as bone grafting. Because of the many oral health and lifestyle benefits that come from replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant, this restorative service has an over 98% patient satisfaction rating.

Restore your smile in Suffolk, VA

Gwaltney Dental can replace your missing teeth with dental implants for a result that feels and looks like your natural teeth. To get started on your dental implant process, please schedule an initial consultation with one of our doctors.

During your consultation, we will thoroughly evaluate your smile to ensure it is healthy and strong enough to undergo the dental implant procedure. We are excited to help you restore the health and beauty of your smile, and look forward to seeing you in our Suffolk, VA dentist office soon.