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Family Dentistry Suffolk, VA

At Gwaltney Dental, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of dental treatments for the whole family. Dr. Steve Gwaltney, Dr. J. Ryland Gwaltney, and Dr. Whitney Gwaltney provide family dental care in Suffolk, VA. Family and pediatric dentistry consist of general dentistry treatments that ensure the teeth and gums are healthy, stable, and infection-free.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Your child’s primary or baby teeth are essential to the future development of permanent teeth. Taking care of baby teeth prevents infection and also helps support speech development. Even before your child’s first tooth shows, you can clean their gums with a wet washcloth. When the teeth do emerge, you may use an infant toothbrush to gently brush their teeth.

Regular brushing and flossing the primary teeth can prevent tooth decay or gum disease.

Our team helps parents care for their child’s teeth and track the development of their teeth and gums. We offer a full range of pediatric dental services to help you and your child maintain oral health as they grow.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Routine pediatric dentistry visits can include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Charting of teeth and existing tooth conditions
  • Dental cavities screening
  • TMJ evaluation
  • Gum evaluation

We know that some younger patients may feel anxious about their first dental visit, so we take the time to establish a relationship with you and your family built upon open communication and trust. Our compassionate and friendly dentists work with patients as individuals to ensure that they are relaxed during every visit.

Additionally, we emphasize the importance of oral health maintenance and regular dental visits. Visiting our office at least twice yearly helps prevent future oral health problems. We help younger patients understand how important it is to care for their oral health and can make the process fun.family dental care in suffolk, virginia


Pediatric Dental Treatments

After we perform a comprehensive dental exam, we may recommend one or more of the following solutions for your child:

Dental Sealants

We place sealants on permanent and premolars to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Dental sealants are also used to protect your child’s teeth from early cavities. They are made of medical-grade resin that can protect the teeth for multiple years.

Teeth Bonding

If your child has a chipped or damaged permanent tooth, we can use composite resin to repair their smile. Teeth bonding is molded and cured on areas of damage to help rebuild the tooth structure. Although dental bonding is not as permanent as porcelain veneers, they are a good initial cosmetic treatment for younger patients.

Sports Mouthguards

Custom professional mouthguards protect the teeth and jaw from injury during contact sports. Professional mouthguards are more effective and comfortable than store-bought options because they conform to teeth. Our patients do not have to worry about clenching their teeth to keep their mouthguards in place during their game. Contact sports especially require mouthguards to prevent tooth damage or injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prevent cavities in children’s teeth?

Preventing cavities in children starts with good oral hygiene. You can teach your child to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss daily. We encourage children to limit sugary snacks and drinks. Additionally, taking your child to the dentist for regular dental check-ups is beneficial. Early dental visits are crucial for spotting problems early. Your dentist will also likely recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants to provide extra protection against decay. 

Who needs dental sealants?

Dental sealants are most beneficial for children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 14. They are at a higher risk for cavities during these years. However, adults without decay or fillings in their molars can also benefit from sealants. Sealants are useful for anyone prone to cavities or who has deep grooves in their teeth. They provide an extra layer of protection against tooth decay.

Can you get cavities under sealants?

Yes. Cavities can occur under dental sealants. They are uncommon, however, when a dentist applies them correctly. Sealants are effective at protecting against most cavities for the first few years. In some cases, a dentist can place sealants over teeth with signs of early decay to prevent further damage. However, a dentist must treat any advanced before applying a sealant. 

What is the difference between a sports mouth guard and a dental mouth guard?

Sports mouth guards and dental mouth guards both protect but have different purposes. Sports mouth guards protect teeth, gums, and jaws during physical activities. Moreover, they can absorb impact. Dental mouth guards, on the other hand, like those for bruxism, prevent teeth grinding and clenching at night. 

Will a dentist have to shave my tooth down for tooth bonding?

No, a dentist will usually not need to shave your teeth for a tooth bonding procedure. This is one of the key advantages of this procedure in comparison to alternatives like veneers. Unlike traditional veneers, a dentist can apply composite bonding directly on top of the natural tooth without shaving it down. 

Can my dentist do anything about TMJ?

Yes, your dentist can help with TMJ disorders. They can diagnose your condition and provide safe treatments like oral appliances and medications. If your TMJ symptoms are severe or don’t respond to therapies, your dentist can refer you to a specialist for further evaluation and treatment. At Gwaltney Dental, we can treat your TMJ disorders. So, please let us know if you suspect you are having TMJ problems.

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