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3 Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Though you lose your baby teeth during childhood to grow permanent teeth, losing a tooth in adulthood can cause major problems. Adult teeth will not grow back, so you need to preserve your natural dental structure for as long as you can. A dentist can use restorative dental solutions to replace missing teeth, but you might face oral health complications from tooth loss.

Avoid these dental concerns by preventing tooth loss in the first place. You can better accomplish this when you know the underlying oral health issues that can cause a tooth to fall out. Read on to learn three of the primary reasons you may lose a tooth.

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What Dental Concerns Lead to Missing Teeth?

Advanced Gum Disease

One of the leading causes of tooth loss is an infection of the gum tissue called periodontal disease. Gum disease is common, affecting about half of adults in the United States. But many people do not realize the extent of damage this can create for your smile.

This infection begins with inflammation within the gum tissue. But as it progresses, bacteria will start to eat away at your teeth and jawbone too. This extensive damage can cause a tooth to fall out of its socket.

You will need a dentist to get rid of gum disease, so dentists recommend preventative care for your periodontal health. Practice good oral hygiene to keep excess bacteria at bay and reduce your risk for oral infections.

Severe Tooth Damage

Your teeth, though durable, can sustain damage in a number of ways that might ultimately cause a tooth to fall out. One of the major ways this can occur is through tooth decay. You can form tooth decay when your enamel, the outer layer of the tooth, weakens. And bacteria can then eat away at your dental structure.

This can cause a cavity, or a hole in your enamel. Dentists can treat this early form of decay with a dental filling. But if you do not seek urgent treatment for a cavity, the decay will worsen. And you might lose the tooth as a result.

So do not delay dental intervention for a cavity. Visit your dentist for routine exams so that they can spot tooth decay early and treat it before it creates this lasting damage to your smile.

Impact Trauma to the Face

While gradual dental problems may lead to tooth loss, an acute issue, like a blow to the face, can also cause a tooth to fall out. Impact trauma will generate enough pressure to knock a tooth out of its socket. In the event of this dental emergency, a dentist might be able to save the tooth though.

You should visit your dentist or call them right away if you lose a tooth this way, preferably within the hour. Prompt action is needed if you want to reattach the tooth in place. Bring the tooth with you to the dentist and handle it with care to avoid damaging it further.