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4 Types of Teeth Brightening Treatments

Many people strive for a pearly white smile. But over time, your teeth can form stains, become yellow, or grow dull in color. Your usual teeth brushing routine cannot get rid of stubborn tooth discoloration. But your dentist can help you get the whiter smile of your dreams.

Schedule a cosmetic dental consultation to develop a customized treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic smile goals, including teeth whitening. Read on to see four of the many treatments your dentist can recommend if you want to brighten the color of your teeth.

4 Types of Teeth Brightening Treatments


How Can My Dentist Whiten My Smile?

Professional Teeth Whitening

You might have seen that your local shop offers a teeth whitening kit that claims to brighten your smile. You can better achieve this goal with in-office teeth whitening provided by your dentist.

With this approach, your dentist will create a custom treatment plan that will suit your unique smile. The dentist will apply a specialized gel containing a bleaching agent to your teeth. Then, they use a UV light to activate the ingredients that will brighten your smile.

The appointment lasts for about an hour, and you can see your teeth gradually whiten over the next week. Some patients may benefit from more than one session.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Patients can also whiten the color of their teeth with a procedure called tooth bonding. The dentist uses tooth-colored composite resin to cover stains and even out the color of a patient’s smile.

The dentist first prepares the teeth by etching into the enamel. They apply the resin to the surface of these teeth and sculpt it according to the patient’s smile aesthetic goals. Then the dentist cures the resin so that it hardens and secures into place.

Make sure you follow aftercare guidelines to get the most out of this cosmetic dental treatment. Bonding might stain if you consume certain substances, so pay attention to your dentist’s instructions after your appointment.

Porcelain Veneers

If you want long-lasting dental fixtures that will give you the bright smile of your dreams, you might benefit from porcelain veneers. These cap-like shells attach to the front of the teeth using bonding.

Dentists build veneers on a customized basis for each patient for a gorgeous, comfortable, and natural-looking finish. The caps will remain on the teeth for fifteen years if you take proper care of your smile and dental work.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are known for their restorative dental benefits, but they have aesthetic advantages too. Like veneers, a dentist constructs crowns on an individualized basis for their patients. This means they can factor in the patient’s aesthetic desires when making this fixture.

The ceramic cap fits over a tooth, restoring its structure and health. But it can also cover severe discoloration, giving it a brighter appearance in the process. They resist stains and remain in place with dental cement. The crown can remain over the tooth for fifteen or more years.